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We connect the world of insurance, banking and payment institutions. We simplify purchase of insurance, increase access to transparent financial products and simplify payment and service processes for Customers.

Insurers and banks, who benefit from our solution, increase own sales and decrease costs. It is generally a convenient and transparent product-purchase process for Customers, as well as a secure method for payment and financing.

As the first company on Polish market, we have introduced the insurance subscription offered directly by the insurer and financed by the bank.

We create the unique team of professionals. Our strong sides cover banking, insurance, process engineering, analysis and development of IT systems. We have everything you need to give new stimulation in your business.


hiPRO Connector is a technology platform and operating model.

Quicker processes, increased sales, and at the same time, decreasing costs - these are the key success factors in a contemporary business. How to combine fire and water, in order to be a leader? The hiPRO Connector platform will help you.

It will provide solutions for the sales, verify Customer credibility, and provide even higher accessibility of your product.
Everything in one place. Is it not convenient?


technical platform and operating model directly connected with the insurer's system



insurance subscription - financing insurance premiums as a popular and safe banking product.


it integrates non-cash payments directly with the insurer’s or agent's sales systems.


lower policy price for a good Customer, with means of BIK integration in the process of insurance risk evaluation.

Connector connects with your sales system, but nothing is changed in it. It is an additional value in the solution.
For Customers and Dealers, any process with the Connector applied is convenient, transparent, and generally safe.



Because it is guaranteed by institutions operating on the regulated market - banks and insurance companies.


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Adam Świętochowski     COO

A dynamic manager with 16 years of experience in insurances. He managed the areas of operations, claims handling and compensations, as well as IT, both in life and property insurance companies. He has been associated with the Generali Group for many years, where he coordinated the R&D team, seeking for innovative solutions on behalf of the Group. In Generali, he also supervised the Customer Service and Sales Support. In last two years, he was operationally implementing Postal Insurances.